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Here are 10 good reasons to start a cooperation with HotelAir International:

  • 1. Instant confirmation.
  • 2. Real-time availability.
  • 3. User friendly system.
  • 4. Very competitive rates.
  • 5. Well trained and experienced personnel.
  • 6. Detailed hotel info including photos and maps.
  • 7. We do NOT charge VIP fees, booking fees, last minute fees.
  •   8. Multi-currency - you choose the currency you want to pay in.
  •   9. Book more services under the same reference for easy archiving.
  • 10. One of the largest databases in Europe with more than 95.000 hotels worldwide with allotment & commitment

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This is exactly what I needed. Easy, fast and friendly. Thanks
- Maria from Athens

Nice, helpful tool and very good rates. Thank you HOTELAIR
- Andreas Andreou - Cyprus is an amazing tool. It makes my work more efficient
- Travel Agency in Romania

Very good map and good rates. I like it !!!
- Burac - Istanbul has great rate and very good service
- Greek Agent

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