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HotelAir International was founded in 2002 in Bucharest, Romania. In 2003 it started to expand in the Greek market and by 2005 it was well established within this market. In 2007 it started its expansion in the Balkans, Cyprus and the Middle East. Our future goals are to begin business in Central and South European markets such as France, Italy and Spain.

During all this period we have been constantly improving both our customer relations and our software. In the first part we have a highly dedicated team to assist our clients in any request that arises. We take very seriously even the smallest customer keeping a very high level of service.

Secondly, our software has been constantly improved working with the latest web technologies that offer both speed and high productivity ensuring the quality of service to our clients worldwide. Utilizing the feedback from them to make the necessary improvements to make the user interface and system as friendly as possible.
Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong and long lasting business relations with our clients and suppliers worldwide in order to provide high quality customer service and competitive rates for the products we offer. While at the same time improving the end result which is the profitability for our clients giving them the edge over the competition.
Our Vision

Become a key player in the Global Travel Industry !!!

For us, this is more than a business! We strive to keep improving our standard of service and continuously expand into new markets and into new products.
Our Team

Our team consists of young and diligent people with a passion for tourism.
We have a clear understanding of our clients' needs and we do our best to meet and fulfill their expectations.
We are always at your disposal !


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